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First, let us tell you what we are not - 

We are not a 1000-acre cattle ranch with Herd Bosses and a dozen ranch-hands. Our animals are not only known by their tag numbers and a document that lists their genetic profile.

We are J.R. and Sherri Baker and we are Baker Cattle Company. With just over 25 acres, we run a Registered herd of Black Angus Cattle normally totaling between 25-30 head. This allows us to be more “hands-on” with our animals. We name them and talk to them and feed them treats out of our hands. 

Occasionally we do hire a third person to help us work our animals when it’s time to vaccinate or breed and, yes - we do know their ear tag numbers but we are able to interact with our herd in a way that larger operations are simply unable to do. 

During calving season, we can often be found sitting on the front porch watching the babies run and play together. We truly enjoy raising our cattle and we “know” them. 


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